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Adding openseamap as new map



I like MyTrails very much for hiking but in June I will go for Sailing and it would be very helpful to have openseamap seamarks in MyTrails.

I tried to add a new map in Map Manager but I dont find a way to save this map.

If I use “Add” -> “Flexible URL tile definition” and add openstreetmal in the first field and openseamp in the second field, I can test this but there is no button or similar which allows me to save this as a new map.

An help is much appreciated.




Just using the back button will save the map. I agree this pattern is no longer used on Android and I should update the map manager accordingly…


Thanks for the response. I realized that I created already several maps :wink:
Looking forward to have it fixed. Also having access to gpsis back is much appreciated.


Can you send me the map definition, so I can include it in future versions of MyTrails?