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Altitude problem on Galaxy S10+

[on behalf of a user]

I’m contemplating why my new S10+ Galaxy phone and MyTrails has an issue with accurately reporting the altitude. I’m finding I miss this piece of information more than I thought I would.

I’ve tried all available settings on both the phone and within the MyTrails app without success; MyTrails seems stubbornly determined to report an incorrect value for altitude, including not allowing me to change it - it just goes back to either 26 feet or 32 feet (my correct altitude is 210 feet).

Is this issue simply not fixable within MyTrails? I’m afraid I don’t understand why it can’t just report the GPS provided altitude - this feature worked so well with my last phone, a Galaxy S7 I never needed to think about it, was always reasonable accurate.

Surely, I can’t be the only Galaxy S10 owner with this issue?

There are a few options for altitude reporting:

  • MyTrails > Preferences > Sensors > Record altimeter data — if you switch it off, only the GPS sensor is used for altitude
  • MT > P > S > Correct altitude – this is for GPS altitude, if you disable it MyTrails won’t correct for Geoid, but perhaps the problem is that your GPS chip automatically does
  • MT > P > S > Auto calibrate altimeter – if your altimeter is used, MyTrails should ask you to set the initial altitude (calibration), or will do it automatically

In case of auto calibrated using, check if your device have temperature sensor. If not you have to calibrate manually. Wrong setting temperature will show wrong altitude.

That’s good advice, the temperature is important to the altitude calculation.

The phone temperature is not necessarily the best sensor, since the phone may be in a pocket where it’s warmer. MyTrails attemps to use the atmospheric temperature by connecting to the Weather Underground. If you use it, please make sure to override MyTrails’ built-in key, which is limited, with your own (you can create it for free) in MyTrails > Preferences > Sensors > Weather Underground key.