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Associating (and displaying) tracks and waypoints


When I plan a route for cycling, I like to put down waypoints just past each junction, on the road/track I should be going down.

The other day I did this for a route I was cycling the next day. I then later recorded a track and gave it a name.

I later discovered that all those waypoints are associated with the track recorded - which is exactly what I want - but I don’t know how/why this happened :slightly_smiling_face:

What do I have to do to make it happen again please?

Is it possible to later display track waypoints but without the track line? If I want to follow the route again I find the ‘track’ line very distracting as I cannot see the colour of the road or detail of the junction through the track line.

I’d also like the option to display the track as a dashed or dotted line, or even better a thicker alpha blended coloured line (actually grey, so I can see the colours underneath).