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Can't download tracks from GPSies anymore

On the track manager, MyTrails says can’t connect to server when trying to add a track from

However, I can still log into my GPSies account from Preferences!

Running 2.1.5 with pro license.

No major issue as I can export gpx to dropbox…

I can confirm it no longer works for me either. I’ll see if I can fix it.

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This may be related

Looks more like a rejection than a timeout, and I didn’t sense that GPSies were closing the API down from the blog entry…

From memory, GPSies gives out an app key (I was going to make a mytrails clone for Windows phone many years ago :wink: ) - is this still valid?

It was when i implemented this years ago.

GPSies seem to have dropped their ws. subdomain (the cert is no longer valid), and their API is now on www..

This is fixed in MyTrails 2.1.6b3.

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