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Can't seem to find Google account on new Xiaomi phone


Just bought a new Xiaomi Mi Max 3 to use MyTrails with 6.9 inch screen.

However, when I try to add my Google account in MT I click on Preferences … Accounts then ‘Google (or Frogsparks)’ but in the next screen it only gives me the option of Frogsparks Account. I should add that using the ‘Connect’ button just leads to the same screen titled “Frogsparks Account”.

Is there a way to force MT to use the Google account? I don’t remember having any difficulty on previous phones.

I also have Gmail running fine and have my Google account added in Settings. I suspect that it is XIaomi’s fault as they insist on me having a “Mi Account” which I’d guess is hiding the Google account somewhere.

I have tried rebooting the phone.




Have you authorized MyTrails to use the Contacts permission? This may be required to connect to your Google account.

You can turn your Google account to a “FrogSparks” account by just connecting to with your Google account and picking a password. Once you’ve done that, you can connect from MyTrails with your email address and this password.


Thank you. Yes I’ve just checked it has Contact permission - good idea though.

I’ll try converting it to a Frogsparks account later today.

Will I have to convert my other devices (a couple of old phones I do keep around for mapping) to the same Frogsparks account?



You don’t have to change other devices if they’re able to use your account in “Google” mode.


Thanks, I’ve now got it working fine in Frogsparks mode on the new phone.

Thanks for your help.