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Create offline map from track (smarter tiles selection)

The feature to create and download an offline map from a track just selects a rectangle around that track. That ends up downloading a lot more map than needed. What about choosing a distance from the track so it would only download a certain distance from said track, making it way faster to download the map and it would also save a lot of storage. Basically it would be way more efficient.
Check the sketch below:

This is a great suggestion, and something I have wanted to implement for a while. In practice, since tiles are squares of different geographical coverage depending on the zoom level, MyTrails would check for each tile if its center is close enough to one of the track points. This would work well for recordings, but for tracks where points are further apart it wouldn’t. Sounds simple, but in reality it’s pretty complicated :slight_smile:

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Sure! Off course the area to download doesn’t need to have a strange form. It could pretty much be a selection from what is a grid. Since tracks very rarely are a vertical or horizontal straight line, any smart selection will mean quite a lot more efficiency regarding what to download.
The sketch below shows that: from the 80 tiles, only 27 would be downloaded (~33%). I guess if the center of a tile is smaller than the distance d (mentioned on my first post) to the closest point of the track (or something similar) that tile would be downloaded.
I hope this helps you further understanding what I was proposing.