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Edit or trim a track?

I love MyTrails! It’s nice to use, and bonus it uses half the power of any other similar app.

Is there a way to edit (or trim) a recorded track?

After a walk I pressed the red square to stop recording, then drove home before filling in the Finish Track dialog (left that dialog open). MyTrails added the drive home to the track and I’d like to clip it off.

Also wondering whether it’s a bug that recording continues until the dialog is completed?

thanks for a great app

Thank you, you’re cheering me up!

This happens to me too when I’m to busy stuffing the kids in the car :smile:.

Track trimming is one of the features i would like to add soonish. Meanwhile, you can use a track editor (web app or real app – I use Adze on Mac).

Thanks! If you do add trimming it will be great to hide my mistakes :wink: I don’t even have the excuse of kids just a feeble brain.

Is it true that recording continues while the “Save track as GPX” dialog is open? That’s another mistake I will try to avoid in future!

Yes it does keep recording. You can take advantage of that fact to prepare the name and such, then close the save dialog. That way finishing the track will be much quicker.

Much appreciated, thanks again.

If you use Windows than MapGazer (written to work with MyTrails data, colours, etc.) lets you trim tracks (at either end) and change their properties (colour, name, etc.).

Oh that’s excellent!! Thank you so much Mike, what a nice nice tool to give us!
I’ve downloaded it though haven’t got it set up yet … looking forward to using it.

Much appreciated.

Best wishes