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Filename with leading Space

  • MyTrails version: 2.1.6 Pro
  • Device / terminal: Galaxy A8
  • Detailed description / Description détaillée du problème rencontré: if you select “no timestamp” when recording, the file will be saved with a leading space in The filname. I am Programmer myself, you add the Separator in the Filname Butter there is Notting to separate because there is no Leading timestamp

Thank you, I’ll fix that ASAP.

Thanks for the bug report Klaus_Urban. This bug that puts a space as the first character of the name of the file that records a tracks, had been bothering me for a long time. I did not imagine it could come from the “no timestamp” setting. Well done!

Thanks to fix the bug Support.


The fix will be in the next beta.

I’m interested in beta versions. How can I get them?