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'Keep screen on (bright)' no longer works?

  • MyTrails version: 2.1.6b5
  • Device / terminal: Sony Z3
  • Detailed description / Description détaillée du problème rencontré:

As of this update, the screen goes black at the time set in Android settings, even though I have the keep diaplay on permanently, bright selected in MyTrails preferences. Work-around is to up the Android setting before and reset after each bike ride … but that’s very inconvenient and error-prone…

That’s odd, nothing has changed in MyTrails in this respect recently. Could it be related to an Android update on your phone?

It could … who knows, with Android …? :slight_smile:

[Just off on annual Spain trip, so won’t be checking back here for a couple of weeks.]

Two minutes into my latest bike ride the screen went black … seems MyTrails ‘keep display on full brightness’ no longer does?

Work-around was to switch phone to ‘sleep after 30 minutes’ … but really do not want that to be default setting …

This seems to have been fixed in a recent update (of MyTrails or of Android … who knows? :-)). All fine on longish bike ride yesterday, with Android setting on 2 minutes.

Update – it started happening again, but I’ve found out why! When cycling though nearby University (where I use WiFi sometimes) a screen pops up asking for WiFi sign-in password. If it’s up for two minutes then Android blanks the screen.

So not a MyTrails problem at all …