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Mise à jour du 3 novembre 2019

  • MyTrails version: 2.1.7
  • Device / terminal: Samsung S9 plus
  • Detailed description / Description détaillée du problème rencontré: depuis installation ce jour de la nouvelle version 2.1.7, plus d’accès aux cartes en ligne malgré un abonnement (ign top 25). Message peu après l’ouverture 'mytrails à cessé de fonctionner". Si l’on attend, cela fonctionne avec les cartes hors ligne. Si on sort méthode android, bouton arrière, plantage et impossible de relancer l’application. Ecran gris.
    Tentative de réinstallation. Problème identique.
    Existe t’il une solution ?

I went back to 2.16 and everything is working fine.

I was looking for such solution, back to previous version, but I haven’t found how to do it.

I found v.2.16 here:
Do this at your own risk because it’s not from the official website from mytrails. It worked for me !
I uninstalled the latest version first before installing the 2.16 vetsion. It will not install otherwise.

Downloaded 2.1.6, but fails to install (all I get is “installation…” and “Application non installée”, no further info.)
Do I need to deinstall 2.1.7 beforehand? Won’t I lose all my settings and data?

Oops, there is indeed an issue with the latest version, related to the fact that Google forced an update to a new sdk. If you can’t back up your data I would recommend waiting until I fix the issue later today.

If you must download old versions of MyTrails, the official location is (downloading from third-party services such as APKPure or APKMirror is fine for upgrades because you’re protected by the cryptographic signature which Android compares before installing — but for new installs or downgrades that is not possible).

I have released 2.1.8 which should fix this issue.

Thanks. However, it’s still erratic for me?
When trying to create an offline map from 4UMaps, I get, after a few seconds, "“MyTrails ne répond pas. X Fermer / Attendre / Envoyer des comms”
Is this related to the same issue ?

[edit : scratch that, I get this “MyTrails ne répond pas” even when not creating a map, just running MyTrails with an -online- 4UMaps. Same with GoogleMaps, it would appear. But if I just dismiss the message by clicking “Attendre”, it seems to be working fine? – I can’t run a full test as I’m not outdoors right now…]

I have confirmed this additional issue, I’ll try to fix it asap.

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I have deployed version 2.1.9b1, which should fix these remaining issues — but just in case it’s only in beta for now. Please let me know if you find further issues so I can quickly fix the remaining bugs before deploying this version to all users. Thank you, and sorry for the chaotic release.

Will do asap. How do I download and install the beta?

After updating Google maps and Google terrain are made not to be available. What happened!

you will see with experience, do not install updates immediately (several times there have already been problems). Now you are notified, hi
you have to uncheck the automatic update and wait a little, it’s more cautious

Beta seems to work for me (error message gone, currently downloading an offline map from OpenCycle, OK).
Thanks !

All issues found in 2.1.7 seems to be fixed by the new version 2.1.9 available on google play for my side. Thanks for the quick action !

Thank you for the confirmation, 2.1.9 fixes these reported issues.