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Problem downloading online maps from the IGM 25k and IGM 100K channels

Hi, I’ve noticed that the IGM 25k and 100k online map download channels don’t work, does anyone have the same problem?
Thank you and greetings.

IGM indeed moved the map server and the old address is no longer available at all.

I tried to fix the map this morning, but couldn’t get it to work. You can try changing the server URL to but you’ll need to play with the parameters.

This has happened in the past before:

The map I found earlier only contains the overview data for the commercial site.

I found another (here), but the data is old, black and white and broken down by region.

Can anyone else find a proper IGM WMS source?

Why the 1:25000 IGM Italy map is not working?

I haven’t found another source for IGM maps, and have disabled the map in the latest version of MyTrails.

ok, a real shame to lose the support for the IGM maps, but what is the problem?

The map server was removed (I have no control over free maps)

Please, tell me there is a solution to replace igm 25k :frowning:

Is this the right link for this kind of maps?

Yes, it seems to be working (but I have limited network access so I can’t test fully)!

You can add a WMS map in MyTrails using the URL (and set the min and max zoom levels to 13-16).

I’ll test this weekend and restore the IGM map for all users if I can confirm it works.

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Yeahhhh…now function, very very good job.

I tried the 13/18 zoom and it works very well

Unfortunately the server doesn’t seem very reliable. It downloads a few tiles (slowly), then I get a lot of 503 HTTP errors, which is indicative of a low-capacity server being overloaded.

very strange, I do not have these problems and I am in central Italy.

Maybe that’s the reason, the server may be partially blocking out-of-country users.

it’s possible, I’ve just downloaded a portion of my area off line, there are some missing tiles but the map has downloaded it in 10 minutes.