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Samsung Watch Support?

I’m just returning to MyTrails after a few years absence and wondered if there was any further consideration of supporting Samsung watches–at least for showing dashboard data (if not renderings of maps, which would be great). Thanks.

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If you just enable the “Extended notification” in MyTrails > Preferences > Visual, you should have stats on your smartwatch. You can customize the list in MyTrails > Stats.

Thanks for the response.
This doesn’t appear to work on Samsung watches (which run on Tizen and are not ‘Android Wear’). I think it would just take an active notification of the info on the HUD to be shown on the phone to make this work (i.e., anything that’s in the notification tray can get selected to be mirrored on the watch).
Would it be possible to add this feature?

That’s odd, since that is exactly what MyTrails is doing. I think either the notification is too long for Tizen, or not high priority enough (you can change the priority on your end).

Could you just give me a sense of how often the notification is updated so I know what to expect? (e.g., is a new notification sent when a certain change in monitored parameter is triggered?)

Yes, that’s pretty much it. Doesn’t the notification show up on your phone? It should if it’s not sent to the watch.

Thanks–I think I got it working now.

As a follow-up, there are two issues that it would be great if they could be addressed.

#1) It would be helpful if the user could set the interval at which notifications are updated—either by time or how much a monitored statistic changes.
For example, notification is updated every 1 km of “Distance Traveled”. This way, a watch would give a vibration alert every 1 km, doing away with need to even look at the watch.

#2) Samsung Buds will actually read “out loud” notifications for chosen apps. But for MyTrails, even with “Extended Notification” selected, all’s I hear is “MyTrails” (i.e., no data is given). Is there a way to address that?


  1. this has indeed been requested before, independently of smartwatch support, it’s on my wishlist
  2. I’ll try to see how to go about that, but I fear this type of data may not be very understandable with speech synthesis

Samsung phone’s voice assistant (Bixby) can be linked to various apps and with the now common use of ear buds (e.g., “Samsung Buds”) and their ability to actuate the voice assistant, it’d be great if MyTrails could provide whatever code is necessary to become one of the supported services for Bixby. That way, during a hike or run, a user could ask specifically to hear specific statistics read out.
(My sense is this wouldn’t be too difficult…just a matter of providing Samsung with list of keywords and ability to export corresponding data from the app.)