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Swiss topo map no longer available

Swiss Topo maps are no longer available.
Is their restoration foreseen?

These maps were always a little iffy, relying on the fact that the French geoportail provides access to them. They currently no longer work on geoportail, so I’m waiting for them to either fix or remove the Swiss Topo before i try to find another way, but if you have other suggestions, I’m interested.

No suggestion, sorry. I hope they are available soon.

Hello, would you ask geoportail administrators if they plan to restore swiss topo map functionality on their portail? (assuming that this will make swiss map available again in MyTrails …)

Thank you in advance,


Would someone in Switzerland be willing to do it? The Geoportail people know me. It’s very surprising they would leave this situation this long.

Same reason why I would not ask a French portail for Swiss map availability from Italy :wink:

French-speaking swiss citizen would be perfect.

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