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The Kompass map is no longer visible

  • MyTrails version: 2.1.7b1
  • Device / terminal: pixel 3a
  • Detailed description / Description détaillée du problème rencontré: the kompass map for some days is no longer visible

I’ll see if I can restore this map, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s now protected.

This is a paid map, and I have been in contact with the publisher to try to get a licensing deal so it can be used officially, but it was very expensive. They may have improved licensing terms however.

Don’t know if It helps but on kompass site the map Is still working

I have troubles loading the kompass maps lately.
Will they be unavailable for long ? I use them most of the time.

I’ve merged to the existing topic.

Same problem! From about 3 days I can not use the Kompass map in MyTrails
This is the map that I find most useful and that I use more often. Very well made, not too crowded with signs but with a lot of information and paths that you can not find elsewhere.
Please restore it. I would pay for that.

I have temporarily fixed the issue in a new beta of MyTrails. However, since that required using the same parameter that is used on the site @Paolo provided, there’s a pretty high risk that it will stop working within a few days.

You can try it without waiting for the beta by using this link.

It works thank you thank you thank you good job!
I suggest other mytrails users to create an offline map and to save It on their pc

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It works now! Thanks a lot! Very appreciated!

Thanks, it works now with the new link !

Thank you for providing the link to get the map work again. I hope you can find a definitive solution because the Kompass Maps are by far the most reliable here in my region. There is no map or service that offers the same accuracy an detail.

I see the Kompass map only by clicking point 4

I have released MyTrails 2.1.7 with the updated map. If the key changes, I will update the link in this post.