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Upgrade map from openstreetmap

i create an offline map from openstreet map and mytrails download the data, but the map downloaded is not sincronized with openstreetmap, it’s older (some street are missed).

How many time need mytrials to acquire the latest version of map from openstreet map (week, month… )?


MyTrails doesn’t automatically update the map, you need to download a new map. If you’re handy with a file explorer, you can delete only the folders that correspond to the zoom levels you want to download again.

Same question for IGN map. I would like to update an offline IGN map. As suggested, I delete the cache files for this map, keeping the cache.conf file. But the map simply does not work anymore… How can I force a new upload?

You need to download the map once more, to the same destination. The easiest way to do that when you have the existing offline map selected is to long-tap the map background and select Extend map.

Or you can go to MyTrails > Maps > Create offline and select the existing offline map as destination.

OK, but by those ways I need to redefine the map area, isn’t it?

Yes, but you should be able to tap the icon at the bottom-right of the existing area to select it.

Hello, what is the procedure to refresh OCM offline tiles with updated online maps?
Is this the same as vector maps like OSM?

Thank you in advance

See the reply a few posts before yours (Upgrade map from openstreetmap).