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Waypoint name display

When looking to the map wile driving and trying to find the right direction through several waypoints it’s difficult.
The name of the waypoints are not displayed on the map just a mark and this make difficult to see if we are on the right waypoint.
The only way is to “click” on the mark to see its name.
And we know that driving and clicking on the device is not simple and safe.

Why not an option to enable/ disable the display of the waypoint name on the map?

Yes that would be really useful.

Other really useful features would be able to show/hide individual waypoints, and selecting them in bulk from a map would be really handy - perhaps by dragging a rectangle on the map. ‘Selected Waypoints’ Hide/Show/Show Label/Group/UnGroup for example.

I’m sure that Pierre Luc has improving waypoint handling on his list. But I know it takes a lot of time to add features, especially when I’m sure it’s only a marginal income source for him.

Indeed, that is very high on the list… when I can start developing features rather than just staying ahead of services Google decides to close…

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