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Zooming in and out (OSM) with the volume buttons

Description détaillée de la fonctionnalité suggérée / detailed description of the suggested feature.

I use my volume buttons of my phone to zoom in and out. When zooming out with those buttons, each zoom step is 1. But when I zoom in, it zooms in with 2 steps.

For instance: when I’m looking at my screen at zoom level 14 and I zoom out with the volume button, I go to zoom level 13. But now if I zoom in, it goes from 13 to 15.

On the right bottom of the screen there are also two zoom buttons (+ and -) and if I press one of them, both zoom in and zoom out work with 1 zoom per level. So that’s working OK.

Is there a way to change this 2 step to 1 step for my volume button ‘zoom in’?

I have confirmed that this is a bug, strange that it hasn’t been reported before…

I’ve fixed it for the next beta.